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 Marriage is an important event in our life. It brings along with it a sense of maturity, responsibility and completeness. It contributes towards the enhancement of social status of a person after marriage.

Before deciding when the native will get married, so many factors have to be taken into consideration. The most important factor deciding the time of marriage is Venus apart from Jupiter. To predict the time of marriage, one should have to consider the period of marriage i.e., early, average or late, the Dasha, Antardasha etc., and the transit of planets favorable for marriage.

If jupiter is placed natally between the Libra and Pisces rashis, generally marriage will take place only after 30 years. As far as female natives are concerned, the 8th house, or its Lord and the planet located in the 8thhouse play a vital role in marriage aspect. During marriage jup  usually transits over or aspects the house 1st ,2nd ,5th , 7th , 9th  and 10th from Moon or Lagna, crosses the natal jup, venus or the present Dasa lord in Rashi.

Early marriage will take place according to various texts under the following conditions:

1. Ven is placed in Karkataka Rasi, Sagitt. or Pisces Rashi.
2. Ven positioned in an angle, while the lord of the Lagna is placed in 7th house.
3. Ven in an angle in opposition to Saturn
4. Strong Ven in lagna, 2nd , 7th  or 11th house.

5. Ven in own or exalted sign but associated with the lord of the 7th house.
6. Ven is placed in the Lagna, 2nd , 7th or 11th house.
7. A strong moon is placed in 5th  or 7th.
8. Ven is placed in between Aries Rashi to Virgo Rashi.
9. Ven combined with the lord of the 7th in an angle while aspected by jup in 7th .

Timing of Marriage Operative Dasha Parameters:

1. Connection of Vimshottari Mahadasha, Antardasha Lords with Lagna or 7th House or Lagna Lord.

2. Lagna Lord and 7th Lord making connection in Navamsha chart.

3. Chara Antardasha Making a connection with Darakaraka in Jaimini System.

4. Dasha of 7th Lord/ Lagna Lord or Dasha of 7th lord from Venus.

5. Dasha of planet posted in 7th house, aspecting 7th house or Lord.

6. Transits of Jupiter on Vivah Saham (sensitive marriage point in the horoscope).

7. Navamsa lords of the 1st, 2nd or 7th houses.

8. Jupiter activating natal Venus in male charts.

9. Planets positioned in 7th from Venus.

10. Lagna Lord transiting in/near 7th house.

11. Dasha of Rahu/Venus, natural significator

12. Dispositor of 7th Lord.

13. Saturn and Jupiter activating Lagna/Lagna Lord.

14. In the natal horoscope, planets associated with the lord of 2nd, 7th ,10th or Ven.

15. Sun and or most planets around lagna or 7th house.

Parameters for Transit of Planets:

1. Saturn and Jupiter will influence two conditions out of four mentioned below :

i. 7th House     ii. 7th Lord     iii. Lagna        iv. Lagna Lord

2. The Sun may indicate month of marriage by influencing one of four conditions mentioned above by positioning or aspect.

3. The Moon may indicate date of marriage by influencing one of four conditions mentioned above by positioning or aspect.

Regarding the marriage of the female natives, 8th house, its lord and the planet located in the 8th house, plays an important role for marriage.

Important Tips:

Predicting time of marriage is a very tricky question, which worries the parents about their son/daughter. In such cases the Astrologer should check yogas that confer marriage, planetary conditions at birth and in transit, dasha and antra dasha etc. The following points should also be considered.

 1. If Ascendant rashi of a Navamsha chart falls in 7th house of birth chart and 7th lord is in 12th from Ascendant, marriage will take place between 16 and 20 years of age.

2. When 2nd house is occupied by Venus and 7th lord is in 11th house, marriage is between 23 and 28 years of age.

3. When 2nd lord is in 11th and Lagna lord is in 10th house, marriage may occur between 17 and 20 years of age.

4. When Venus is in Kendra houses and 7th lord is posited in any house owned by Saturn, aspected by a benefic, marriage age is 23 to 28 years.

5. If 2nd lord is posited in 11th house and 11th lord in 2nd house, marriage will be between 16 and 25 years of age.

6. When 7th house is occupied by Venus, Moon and Saturn, the marriage will not be possible before 30 years of age. It may be the 35th year.

7. If Sun is in 7th, and 7th lord cojoins Venus in Kendra, marriage is possible within 23 to 25 years of age. If 7th lord or Venus is afflicted in birth chart or Navamsha chart, marriage
may occur between 30 and 33 years of age


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